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André Skibniewski was born on 10 April 1950 in Wrocław, Poland.

He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering College in Opole and at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Silesian University of Technology. He graduated in 1973.

Worked for several years as a scientist; then went to Libya and later to the Netherlands and the UK. Following the declaration of martial law in Poland, he moved to the Netherlands, where he lives today.

He is co-author of many engineering structures documentation in the desert regions of Libya.

André Skibniewski repeatedly changed profession. He worked as a civil engineer in construction industry, tradesman, assembler of central heating furnaces, taxi driver, translator/interpreter and production engineer. He also lectures at universities in Poland and other countries.

André Skibniewski co-authored several scientific papers in the field of soil mechanics, theoretical mechanics, mechatronics and manufacturing engineering.

In 2009 he was awarded the Medal of Merit for the Silesian University of Technology. At the Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands KIVI André Skibniewski acts as a Career Coach.

He travels frequently around the world and is fascinated by sailing and classical music.


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