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Welcome to my website dedicated to my book "Ruby brooch. A story from Lviv in letters described". I am very happy that the first release has so many readers in Poland and beyond its borders.

The English version of the "Brooch" is under preparation – it will be published especially for the generation of Borderland people born outside of Poland, whose parents never returned to their homeland after the Second World War.

Andrzej skibniewski


The book includes letters, photographs and documents from the years 1939-1950, which have miraculously survived for several decades in Poland, Wales, in the United States and Canada.

Described in the story is the fate of one family in Lviv, separated by the war and the Polish postwar, tightly closed and guarded borders. In letters and postcards written among others in Starobielsk Prison, POW camp in Murnau, in London, Penley and San Benedetto del Tronto there is no room for hatred, desperation and drama. They are cheerful, optimistic, written in such a way that no one is upset and attention of the censorship is not drawn. However, an attentive reader will find between the lines dramatic events, shared by hundreds of thousands Polish Borderlands people, who after the Second World War have begun rebuilding their lives abroad – whether it be in the new, reborn in the new borders Communist Poland or in other countries.


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